Our classes include:

Tybody ToneUp
This class is composed of a highly effective combination of fat burning cardio and muscle toning resistance training. This full body HIIT class uses dumbbells for resistance and is great for all fitness levels.

Tybody Yoga
Our Yoga class calms the mind, balances the body, and soothes the spirit. Also excellent for improving flexibility, strength and balance.

With our Zumba class you’ll forget you’re working out! This class is set to up beat dance dance music like Cha Cha, Salsa, reggaeton, rumba and more. You’re sure to have fun as you burn calories to the beat!

Tybody DanceFit
Our DanceFit class mixes elements from modern dance, hip hop, and Caribbean dance. All to create a unique, fat burning experience.

Cardio Kickboxing
With our cardio kickboxing class, you’ll learn self defense techniques and striking combinations all while getting an amazing fat-blasting workout! This class is high intensity and set to upbeat music.

Power Pilates
Our Pilates class involves lite flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. We emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscular balance.

Senior Fit
This low intensity class mixes a variety of weighted and weightless exercises. Senior Fit Classes are often done from the seated position in a chair and offer many modifications. Ideal for the individual that wants to make progress but may have physical limitations.

Aqua Aerobics
In waist deep water, we guide students through a series of strength training exercises as they benefit from the support and resistance of the water. This full body class is great because it’s low impact on the joints!

Strength Training
We focus on anaerobic exercises to build explosive strength and muscle endurance. This class is ideal for working on specific areas of the body since each Strength Training class focusses on a different set of muscle groups.

Step Aerobics
We guide students through a variety of rhythm-based aerobic routines to build coordination, memory, cardiovascular endurance and strengthen the heart.

Our events include:

Tybody Transformation Challenge
The Tybody Transformation Challenge is a 90 day fatloss fitness competition that involves prizes and great giveaways along the way! The individual that loses the highest cumulative percentage of their body weight over the 90 day period wins the grand prize and is crowned the Transformation Champion!

Cooking Classes
We bring in professional chefs to teach live, on-site cooking classes! Our cooking classes range from salad in a jar classes to sushi classes! At the end of each class participants get to indulge in the delicious dishes!

Tybody Field Day
Our Adult field days allows us all to indulge in the joys of being a big kid! Participants compete in various outdoor games including: bubble ball, obstacle courses, tug of war, wheel barrel races, and much more!

Paw Party
We encourage animal lovers to bring their furry friends to our paw party for a night of pet pampering and tasty treats!

Various Food Truck Events
We give you access to some of your favorite foods. We bring the city’s hottest food trucks right to your doorstep!

Meet & Greet
Our meet and greet is a chance for your individuals to meet the Tybody Team and kickback with others in a fun relaxed setting. Our meet and greet can include anything from wine tasting to karaoke!

Game Night
This is a family friendly event where participants get to explore their competitive sides! Our game nights include Giant Jenga, trivia and ping pong!

Sporting Event Watch Parties
We host major sporting events on-site. Watch parties are an excellent way to changeup events at your location!

And much more!!

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