Our classes include:

Tybody ToneUp
This class is composed of a highly effective combination of fat burning cardio and muscle toning resistance training. This full body HIIT class uses dumbbells for resistance and is great for all fitness levels.

Tybody Yoga
Our Yoga class calms the mind, balances the body, and soothes the spirit. Also excellent for improving flexibility, strength and balance.

With our Zumba class you’ll forget you’re working out! This class is set to up beat dance music like Cha Cha, Salsa, reggaeton, rumba and more. You’re sure to have fun as you burn calories to the beat!

Tybody DanceFit
Our DanceFit class mixes elements from modern dance, hip hop, and Caribbean dance. All to create a unique, fat burning experience.

Cardio Kickboxing
With our cardio kickboxing class, you’ll learn self defense techniques and striking combinations all while getting an amazing fat-blasting workout! This class is high intensity and set to upbeat music.

Power Pilates
Our Pilates class involves lite flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. We emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscular balance.

Senior Fit
This low intensity class mixes a variety of weighted and weightless exercises. Senior Fit Classes are often done from the seated position in a chair and offer many modifications. Ideal for the individual that wants to make progress but may have physical limitations.

Aqua Aerobics
In waist deep water, we guide students through a series of strength training exercises as they benefit from the support and resistance of the water. This full body class is great because it’s low impact on the joints!

Strength Training
We focus on anaerobic exercises to build explosive strength and muscle endurance. This class is ideal for working on specific areas of the body since each Strength Training class focusses on a different set of muscle groups.

Step Aerobics
We guide students through a variety of rhythm-based aerobic routines to build coordination, memory, cardiovascular endurance and strengthen the heart.

1. Strength training helps keep the weight off
There are a few misconceptions relating to weight training and one of them (pertaining to women) is that strength training will cause big bulky muscle mass. The truth is strength training will give a shapely look to people who train the right way. Strength training also causes the body to burn off more calories during and after the workout than exercising without resistance. In addition, the body burns off a lot more calories to maintain muscle than it does fat. Meaning a more muscular version of yourself would burn off more calories in a day just because of the extra muscle tone. Thus keeping your weight off.

2. Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass
It’s a little known fact that strength training doesn’t just strengthen your muscles, it strengthen your bones as well! That’s the reason why people who have been strength training for a number of years tend to have more bone density and maintain it better as they age. Resulting in less injuries and less bone loss as they get older.

3. Strength training makes you stronger and fitter
Increased strength is one of the more instant results of strength training. An individual that lifts weights consistently can see an improvement in strength in a matter of weeks. When strength training, it’s important to allow muscles time to recover because that’s when the muscles grow. So working the same muscles back to back days can be overdoing it when trying to increase strength and muscle tone.

4. Strength training helps you develop better body mechanics
Along with looking better and feeling stronger, strength training does wonders for your balance, coordination, and explosiveness. Strength training can even improve your posture and range of motion. Strength training is often used for recovery from injury in order to regain mobility. Many physical therapist incorporate various forms of resistance and strength training when working with stroke patients or accident victims.

5. Strength training plays a role in disease prevention
The benefits of strength training seem to be endless. Below are just a few diseases you’re more likely to avoid with regular strength training:

back pain

6. Strength training boosts energy levels and improves your mood
Yes, the endorphin release in our bodies that strength training provides makes us feel better but there’s more to it than that. Strength training makes us feel stronger resulting in us feeling better about ourselves. Strength training also improves our appearance thus improving our self image and boosting our confidence and self esteem. Strength training is an excellent treatment for depression. The increase in energy we get from strength training is also significant. One of the reasons for the energy increase is that weight training causes us to get deeper more for filling sleep resulting in more energy during the day.

Out of state or unable to train with us in person? No problem! We bring the same quality program to your laptop, tablet or smart phone! So no matter where you are, you can still achieve your fitness goals with Tybody! With our On Line Training Program, you’ll receive meal plans, a weekly workout schedule and virtual progress checks.

Of course genetics play a major part in our physique but as we all know, we can ruin good genetics and we can certainly improve upon bad genetics. It is true that an individual’s physical appearance is a result of genetics, what they eat and how they lift. Many times I walk into gyms and see guys who are pencil thin doing long runs on the treadmills. I ask these guys what do they want to accomplish physically and they say something like “I wanna bulk up” My response is usually “you’re not going to gain size doing that much cardio.” To gain size one must lift heavy weights but with low reps. A good rule of thumb when training to build size is if you can lift the weight more than ten times, it’s too light! The opposite goes for weight loss training. High reps and medium to light weight is best for burning fat and losing weight. Of course their are a few different types of weight loss techniques. If you’re not concerned with losing muscle then extended sets of cardio similar to that of a marathon runner is great for losing weight. But if that is a concern, then that approach may not be the best for you because you will burn off muscle with the fat as marathon runners do. If you want to lose fat and build muscle then you want to do explosive exercises like jump squats or short sprints to emulate the bursts of a sprinter. That style of training will not only help you shed fat but also build lean, defined muscle. So when training keep your goals in mind. The style of lifting you choose to do will directly effect your appearance and performance.