Tybody understand the challenges employees face when balancing life and work. That’s why we bring a fun, recreational fitness and wellness program to the workplace! Healthier employees are more productive, happier and miss less work days resulting in your business running smoother. Tybody services help you attract and retain better employees as well. Our services can make the difference in an employee choosing to work for your company vs the competitor. Our goal in the workplace is the get your employees healthier so they can maximize their potential!

Tybody makes top-quality personal training and a variety of fitness classes accessible and convenient for residents who seek it. We bring full service fitness training to your apartment complex, housing community or condo. Our company is on a mission to help each and every resident reach their personal fitness goal.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass, we have dedicated fitness professionals that can help you achieve those goals. Getting fit can be fast & fun with our system. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goal. The reason why the tybody system works so well is simple. We use a highly effective combination of fat burning cardio combined with lean muscle sculpting resistance training for maximum results! We also provide meal plans & nutrition counseling to further assist you in your goals.

Wanna get fit in a fun class environment? Tybody Classes are for you! We offer many various fitness classes all over the city. Our classes include: The Tybody ToneUp, Yoga, Thrill Cycle Spin Class, Zumba, bootcamps and dance fitness. Contact us to find the nearest fitness class to you!

Don’t have time to cook healthy? We can teach you how to prep healthy meals on the go! We have an amazing nutrition program that comes with a full makeover of your fridge pantry and grocery list! Yes we will even go grocery shopping with you, teach you how to read labels and grocery shop for success! We understand that not everyone is built the same and not every diet is going to work for everyone. That’s why our nutrition program is personalized just for you.

Considering becoming a fitness professional? Personal training can be a very rewarding profession for many reasons. If you’re serious about taking your personal training business to the next level then Tybody will help get you there! Learn from the best! We will teach you all the vital information that you will not learn while getting your trainer certification. When you finish the 6 week Tybody course you’ll have what it takes to get your own clients & start transforming bodies!

Regain mobility, range of motion, strength, and body control. Rehabbing from injury can be very difficult. We have an entire program designed just for rehab. We understand the physical, metal and emotional challenges that come after serious injuries. That’s why our rehab program offers longer sessions and optional counseling. This way not only does the body benefit from rehab training but the heart & mind benefits as well.

Stronger, faster more endurance
Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your athletic performance for competition or a fitness enthusiast that wants to achieve your personal goals, we can get you to the next level! Our performance program is specifically designed to improve your strength, speed, agility, flexibility, & coordination.

Out of state or unable to train with us in person? No problem! We bring the same quality program to your laptop, tablet, or smart phone! So no matter where you are you can still achieve your fitness goals with Tybody! With our Online system you’ll receive meal plans, a weekly workout schedule and virtual progress checks.