Community Fitness

Quality Service With
A Commitment to Excellence

Our Mission
CCF’s mission is to make high-grade, top-quality fitness services accessible and convenient for residential clients who seek it. We bring full service fitness training to your apartment complex or housing community. Our company is on a mission to help each and every resident reach their personal fitness goal.

Our Company
CCF is a rapidly growing health and fitness company that goes above and beyond to ensure each client’s success. We are a market leader when it comes to producing results and helping clients exceed their fitness goals. We utilize Circuit Training which is the fastest and most effective way to burn body fat and build muscle.
Our Trainers
Our Trainers and instructors are a group of passionate individuals with diverse skill sets and expertise. They are specialist in their respective fields. Our trainers not only educate residents on all aspects of fitness, but also give them a fun and energetic way to get to their fitness goals. Each CCF trainer is nationally certified and insured.

Our Clients
We work with residents from all walks of life. Including stay at home moms, student athletes and even corporate CEOs who all have the common goal of improving their health and fitness level. We also offer our services to corporations who’s employees can benefit from our services.

YOur Advantage
Custom Circuit Fitness allows you to offer what your competitors do not. We provide premium on site fitness training services at little or zero cost to your residents. This attractive amenity sets you apart from the competition by showing residents that you care about their health and well being. Custom Circuit Fitness can also improves the renewal rate of current residents.

Reach the True Potential of Your Fitness Center
With Custom Circuit Fitness

Your residential community will benefit from a convenient, cost effective health and wellness program that will generate happier and healthier residents.

Many apartment complexes have invested in on-site exercise facilities and equipment. However, these facilities are often left unused or misused by residents because they lack the proper knowledge and/or motivation to use them. With Custom Circuit Fitness your residents will have access to a variety of fitness classes and programs that will help them become healthier, more knowledgeable about fitness and get them more involved in your community. We offer residents a variety of fitness classes to choose from ranging from weight loss boot camps to cardio kick boxing. We can even create classes based on resident request.

Custom Circuit Fitness is a major selling point for current and future residents. On-site personal Training and access to Custom Circuit Fitness classes are outstanding amenities that will increase property value and sales. Our trainers can even meet directly with prospective residence and explain why they are just steps away from achieving personal excellence by moving to your community.

Custom Circuit Fitness will provide a trusted, professional and well managed fitness training service that sets you apart from other communities who do not offer this amenity. Together we will help residents and colleagues achieve their fitness goals, provide a great opportunity for residents to socialize with each other and create fun and motivating fitness programs for residents of all ages to enjoy.

Benefits Beyond the Gym

1. Amenity That Adds Value To Your Property
2. Set Yourself Apart From The Competition
3. Effective Selling Point For Potential Residents
4. High Traffic Allows More People To See Your Property
5. Offer Free Fitness Classes/Sessions To New Residents
6. Shows That Your Community Embraces An Active Lifestyle
7. Increase Renewal Rate Of Current Residents
8. Create Excitement And A Community Atmosphere
9. Promotes Positive Interaction Amongst Neighbors
10. Maximizes The Potential Of Your Fitness Center
11. Fitness Challenges And Activities That Keep Residents Involved
12. We Do Marketing for Community Fitness Events and Activities