Your Progress is Our Passion

The Tybody system works because it’s progressive! When you first start your fitness program with us we, take all of your stats including your measurements, weight, body fat percentage, & “before” photo. After your initial two weeks with us, you’ll get your 1st official progress check where all your numbers are re-evaluated to see how much progress has been made. From that point on we set short term goals for each week. These goals are challenging but achievable. For instance, if your goal is to lose 40 pounds & in the first month you’ve lost 10 then we’ll shoot for about 2.5 pounds of weight loss each week! Of course, as you lose weight it’s becomes harder to continue to lose at the same rate. That’s where more advanced sessions & more strict dieting comes into play. So not only will your training sessions progress as you do but your meal plans will too!

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