We Put the Community In Community Fitness!

Your residential community will benefit from a convenient, cost effective health and wellness program that will generate happier and healthier residents. Many apartment complexes have invested in on-site exercise facilities and equipment. However, these facilities are often left unused or misused by residents because they lack the proper knowledge and/or motivation to use them. With Tybody, your residents will have access to a variety of free fitness classes and programs that will help them become healthier, more knowledgeable about fitness and get them more involved in your community. We offer residents a variety of fitness classes to choose from ranging from step aerobics to yoga. We can even create classes based on resident request. Tybody is a major selling point for current and future residents. On-site personal Training and access to Tybody Fitness classes are outstanding amenities that increase property value. Our instructors can even meet directly with prospective residence and explain why they are just steps away from achieving personal excellence by moving to your community. Tybody fitness will provide a trusted, professional, and well managed fitness training service that sets you apart from other communities who do not offer this amenity. Together we will help residents and colleagues achieve their fitness goals, provide a great opportunity for residents to socialize with each other, and create fun fitness programs for residents to enjoy.

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