Ty Tiamiyu founded Tybody (which is an acronym for Transform Your Body) in 2015 with the goal of making high quality fitness classes available and accessible for everyone. Ty began his career in fitness as a personal in trainer 2009, specializing in full body transformations. Seeing each client progress in health and happiness was very rewarding for him. Ty later expanded his services to cater to the complete wellness experience, combining health and lifestyle. From there, Tybody was born! Not only offering a wide range of effective fitness classes but also a variety exciting of events and services. Today, Tybody can be found in many of Atlanta’s most luxurious residential communities.

Josie’s joy and passion for yoga is intense and infectious. Josie started doing yoga with her friends as a senior in high school. What began as a purely fun way to exercise led Josie to discover the many spiritual and mental benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. She was drawn to the flexibility and stability yoga offered, along with the balance it was creating in her life. She is now known for her powerful practice, intuitive understanding of the body and her creative, and engaging teaching style. Her style brings together elements of strength, flexibility and balance, encouraging students to break through their perceived limitations both on and off the mat. Josie brings a compassionate element to her classes and teaches her students to be patient with their bodies and their practice. It is through meditation that she taps into the sense of inner calm and self-acceptance that yoga brings, and she encourages her students to do the same. Josie urges her students to embody their deepest desires and to leave their egos at the door.

If life in Art could be defined, it would be embodied within Debõrah. She was born in Orangeburg and raised Greenwood in South Carolina to an artistic family that creatively influenced her love for the arts. She was exposed to everything from dance, fashion, music and drama. From those experiences growing up she knew this was something she wanted to do all her life. That is when she coined the phrase ARTrepreneur meaning pursing the business of Art. She has performed and created for various artists and companies from around the world, allowing her to travel with her craft. But through it all she has maintain a Healthy lifestyle. From working out, healthy and clean eating, meal prep, the list goes on. The nature of her occupation requires to be in great shape not only in body but in mind. She has created a curriculum that transforms your body through her workouts, stretching and flexibility called DaGa, Dance and yoga combine. Deborah teaches her students to obtain and maintain the confidence they’ll need to dance through life. Debõrah says, “I love to interact with people from all different facets of life, I’m always looking to expand my Love”.

Carmi has been an athlete her entire life, competing in range of different sports. She believes that a fit and healty body is a benefit to all people, regardless of age or fitness background. Fitness and wellness has been her passion for as long as she can remember. Carmi strives to project that passion to her clients at every training session. Fitness and wellness to her, is about feeling confident in your own body. She encourages her clients to be courageous enough to take on new challenges and to stay committed to your goals. With Carmi’s guidance and support, you will gain newly found confidence! Dare to be great!

By way of NYC Rejean ” Flash” Rodriguez relocated to Atlanta Georgia to pursue dreams of having his own holistic health & fitness center. The Queens native graduated college with an AOS in Massage Therapy & while in school practiced yoga for 2 years. Rejean also was trained under an 18 year military vet in military style personal training. He gets the name ” FLASH ” due to his incredible speed while being taught Kyokushin style fighting for the last 10 years. He teaches an excellent cardio kickboxing class and of course the Tybody ToneUp as well. If you’re ready to learn self defense and get an amazing workout then join Flash and let’s kick some butt!

Azure is truly passionate about helping people meet their fitness and personal goals. With her, you will find a pressure-free, fun, exciting and motivating environment that will leave you eager to return. Her primary goal is to help people lead healthier lives and to have a lot of fun along the way. She believes that working-out will benefit your mental health, personal relationships and lead to a healthier and happier life overall. Azure’s Zumba style is high energy, engaging and really fun to follow. Azure incorporates squats, lunges, and abdominal exercises into her routines! Making her Zumba class both fun and effective. What better way to burn fat and build your body than by dancing?

Naomi has known fitness her whole life. Growing up in dance & karate as a child kept her active until she moved to Georgia in middle school and joined the track tream. It was then that her love for competitive running was born, and 5 years later it won her a full ride to Kennesaw State University where she competed in the heptathlon, winning multiple conference championship rings. After graduating she continued her weekly workouts and started adopting more of a plant based holistic lifestyle. After being approached by peers she decided to start teaching bootcamps around the city to educate and promote health & fitness to others. With her motto “choose healthy”, promoting #VeggiesFirst and consistent physical activity, she’s excited to join Team Tybody to spread health & fitness even further.

Max understands that exercise, nutrition, and mental health all work together for the success of the individual and all need to be considered for overall health improvement. He knows that making each routine functional for clients is key and will help them remain successful in the future, no matter what their goals are. Max’s passion for fitness began when he was a teen, excelling in football as a wide receiver and runningback in high school. While playing football, Max suffered a devastating ACL injury and was put through 6 months of extensive rehab to regain strength and mobility in his knee. The recovery process inspired him to share his knowledge with others. Max concentrates on developing and enhancing all individuals’ form and technique through detailed and direct instructions. He combines motivation and creative routines to help each individual to reach and exceed their goals. Max believes everyone has the potential to improve on all aspects of life, especially in the area of health and fitness.