Deborah Hughes

If life in Art could be defined, it would be embodied within Debõrah. She was born in Orangeburg and raised Greenwood in South Carolina to an artistic family that creatively influenced her love for the arts. She was exposed to everything from dance, fashion, music and drama. From those experiences growing up she knew this was something she wanted to do all her life. That is when she coined the phrase ARTrepreneur meaning pursing the business of Art. She has performed and created for various artists and companies from around the world, allowing her to travel with her craft. But through it all she has maintain a Healthy lifestyle. From working out, healthy and clean eating, meal prep, the list goes on. The nature of her occupation requires to be in great shape not only in body but in mind. She has created a curriculum that transforms your body through her workouts, stretching and flexibility called DaGa, Dance and yoga combine. Deborah teaches her students to obtain and maintain the confidence they’ll need to dance through life. Debõrah says, “I love to interact with people from all different facets of life, I’m always looking to expand my Love”.