Josie Ehrlich

Josie’s joy and passion for yoga is intense and infectious. Josie started doing yoga with her friends as a senior in high school. What began as a purely fun way to exercise led Josie to discover the many spiritual and mental benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. She was drawn to the flexibility and stability yoga offered, along with the balance it was creating in her life. She is now known for her powerful practice, intuitive understanding of the body and her creative, and engaging teaching style. Her style brings together elements of strength, flexibility and balance, encouraging students to break through their perceived limitations both on and off the mat. Josie brings a compassionate element to her classes and teaches her students to be patient with their bodies and their practice. It is through meditation that she taps into the sense of inner calm and self-acceptance that yoga brings, and she encourages her students to do the same. Josie urges her students to embody their deepest desires and to leave their egos at the door.