I’ve tried several diet and exercise programs over the last few years, but I’ve never been able to motivate myself and remain consistent so I never saw great results (when I did, they never lasted). I reached out to Ty in hopes that he would keep me on the right track. My first few sessions with Ty were so challenging, but I loved them. Ty is so encouraging and he’s not the kind of guy you want to disappoint.

When I first met Ty I was over 300 pounds and extremely unhealthy. Because of my weight, I had mobility issues and joint pain. Ty started me out with exercises that I could handle….. but as I progressed, the program became more and more intense! Still the training was fun.

I started training with Ty while I was pregnant with my first child. I was determined to get back to my pre pregnancy weight as soon as possible. Of course when I gave birth I had to take weeks of for recovery but once I was cleared by my doctor to work out we picked right back up where we left off. With all the changes in my body my physical abilities changed dramatically after giving birth. Ty was able to adjust his fitness program to my capabilities that way I received excellent workouts but it was well within my abilities.

While I have always been physically active, a recent career change, travel and entertaining for work, and relocation contributed to me being out of shape, lethargic and overweight. Poor eating habits were becoming my new normal and I was just not myself. With the New Year approaching, I made a resolution to lose weight. I tried going it alone and did what I had always done – going to the gym for hours at a time, lifting lots of weight and really exhausting myself only to go home and eat simply because I worked out “really hard”. Two hours in the gym looked and sounded impressive but after several weeks I realized that I was just making myself tired.

Delusional Much? As soon as I was able to be honest about how out-of-shape I had gotten, I knew that I had to start working out. It took me exactly one week on my own at the local gym to realize that although I have been successful in my career driving others to success, I needed some help getting to my peak fitness level. Ty Tiamiyu was exactly what I needed. After we did an assessment work-out session, he listened to what my goals were and my timetable for success,

Being a former athlete, training with Ty worked well for me. I’m usually pretty self motivated but to regain my athleticism I needed the coach figure back in my life. He was able to quickly coach me back into shape. Outdoor running was a big part of my training program. I was initially shocked at how difficult it was for me to finish a 1 mile run. At first I couldn’t get through the first quarter mile without

Training with Ty was intense, motivating and very effective. I had specific goals and in 4 short months I reached every one of them. Ty held me accountable and kept me focused on my goal.

My experience with Ty was awesome! I lost over 60 pounds! I feel really good now and I’m very excited about my new body. I’m definitely going to keep the weight off! I think the most difficult part about my transformation was getting up early and working out. I was new to working out

My experience with TyBody has been life changing! I was first introduced to Ty by a neighbor who had incredible results and I decided to try it first hand through a boot camp at my apt complex. Prior to that I had been working out on my own all year and hit a training wall. I was unable to sculpt and achieve the real results that I wanted.

I have been involved with personal training for past 10 years and Ty is one of the best in the business. Passionate, motivating, and results driven, Ty will get you to YOUR specific goal. While working with Ty I increased my bench press max, improved my endurance and added muscle mass to my entire body.

My experience with Ty was incredible!! I have tried several trainers and no one got the job done like Ty. He kept me motivated and focused on my goal. I always looked forward to training with him. He will forever be my trainer. The workouts were always different and I never got tired of them.

While training with Ty I felt better, had more energy and slept better. Ty really pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits. I enjoyed setting goals then exceeding them. I tried working out on my own and I injured my elbow because of improper form. Since working out with Ty I’ve been able to actually strengthen my injured arm. With Ty I realized

My experience with Ty was Phenomenal! He is an AMAZING trainer. I went from never working out to being addicted to working out. I always look forward to our sessions. He had such a supportive and positive attitude and he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself! He always push me to the max, every session was challenging but

I achieved my goals because “Mr. T” does a great job motivating me and mixing up the workouts to keep them challenging and varied. When I reached my goal Ty finally showed me the “before” picture that was taken at the very beginning of my fitness program. I was shocked…. I couldn’t believe I was that

Working out with Ty was by far the best personal trainer experience I’ve ever had. His attitude is always super positive. The workouts he designed specifically for my needs and goals always kept me very motivated. His workouts are challenging without pushing you too far. He really knows what he is doing! I’m someone that needs help with accountability and

I reached out to Ty because I wanted to become more athletic. I was new to training so I didn’t really know what to expect. The very first meeting with Ty all my questions were answered and he made me comfortable with the thought of someone pushing me to my limits. His program was difficult but doable. I felt like the workouts were getting more challenging as I become more and more fit and that was exactly what I needed.

Growing up my weight was never an issue because I’ve always been naturally fit. It wasn’t until I had my children that I started noticing difficulties in keeping my weight down. That’s when I knew I had to make a change. I contacted Ty not only for training

My results speak for themselves. Ty is GOOD at what he does. Ty showed up for me before I knew how to show up for myself. He was “kindly relentless” as we pursued my goals. Truth be told, before him I had quit on trainers and myself more times than I want to admit. Ty didn’t judge me

Ty is an excellent trainer and motivator! He really pushed me mentally and physically. I didn’t think the sessions would be as challenging as they were. I couldn’t believe how athletic I was becoming. The variety of exercises and the creative routines were really exciting. I looked forward to the new workouts each session!

Training with Ty was both intense and enlightening. He not only challenged me physically but Ty also taught me specific techniques that I’ll be able to use forever. My goal was to lose fat around my midsection but gain muscle mass and definition everywhere else. Ty helped me do exactly that.

I had a great experience. I liked the fact that Ty held me accountable. He was very professional, consistent and reliable. He motivated me and did not let me give up. At first I struggled with eating but Ty was able to give me solid guidance and help me to change my eating habits. I was surprised that I was able to

Ty has done for me what I did not think would ever happen. He motivated me to exercise, get into shape and become addicted to working out. Ty held me accountable but had a great attitude while whipping me into shape. Ty would make it competitive enough that I did not want to lose, so I was constantly pushing myself harder to be the best I could be. I have worked with a few

Ty was great for exactly what I needed…. Someone to push me beyond what I thought were my limitations. I felt I was changed physically and even more mentally. Ty set short term goals for me and each week there was pressure for me to exceed those goals. There were weeks where I didn’t lose

I contacted Ty to help me break my plateau. But really I just wanted to get healthier, gain more energy and get in overall better shape. Before training with Ty I had no experience and was intimidated by gym equipment. Ty was patient and gave great instructions. At first sticking with the diet and holding myself accountable was challenging. But when I started seeing results, it became much easier. The pressure to reach short

Right from the start I liked Ty’s non intimidating personality and his genuineness. Lets face it…these days this is a rare thing to find in any profession! One of the most important things that Ty gave me is motivation and the ability to motivate myself through his positive energy. Ty’s Training will give you the EDGE and help to achieve all your