Delusional Much? As soon as I was able to be honest about how out-of-shape I had gotten, I knew that I had to start working out. It took me exactly one week on my own at the local gym to realize that although I have been successful in my career driving others to success, I needed some help getting to my peak fitness level. Ty Tiamiyu was exactly what I needed. After we did an assessment work-out session, he listened to what my goals were and my timetable for success,

and together we devised a plan to get me to my ideal fitness level. I was staring down the barrel of 50 and I didn’t just want to lose weight, it was critical to me to add muscle and create massive energy each day. Ty wasn’t just a gym teacher; he used positive motivation and kept me on-task with weekly progress updates. Not only did we hit all of my fitness metrics . . . I feel like my old, younger self!In the end, what you look like is a simple combination of what you eat, how much you sleep and the quality of your exercise.

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