I started training with Ty while I was pregnant with my first child. I was determined to get back to my pre pregnancy weight as soon as possible. Of course when I gave birth I had to take weeks of for recovery but once I was cleared by my doctor to work out we picked right back up where we left off. With all the changes in my body my physical abilities changed dramatically after giving birth. Ty was able to adjust his fitness program to my capabilities that way I received excellent workouts but it was well within my abilities.

I went from barely being able to jog on the treadmill to being able to hit full sprints and complete intense circuit training sessions! I’m especially pleased with how I was able to regain strength in my abdominals. After giving birth, my midsection was the area that suffered the most. Crunches and basic sit ups were nearly impossible for me. Ty Tiamiyu found other ways to work my midsection and strengthen my weakened abdominals without pushing too far too fast. Now I’m even more determined to improve my health and fitness!

pounds lost


Lost weight, reduced body fat and toned up!