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  13. I understand that by clicking "Submit" I authorize you to make sure investigations and inquiries to my personal, employment, financial or medical history and other related matters as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. (Generally, inquiries regarding medical history will be made only if and after a conditional offer of employment has been extended.) I hereby release Trusted Transit LLC, employers, schools, health care providers and other persons from all liability in responding to inquiries and releasing Information in connection with my application. In the event of employment. I understand that false or misleading in- formation given in my application or interview(s) may result in discharge. I understand, also that if hired, I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of Trusted Transit LLC. I understand that the information I provide regarding current and/or previous employers may be used, and those employer(s) will be con- tacted, for the purpose of investigating my safety performance history as required by 49 CFR 391.23(d) and (e). I understand that I have the right to: • Review information provided by current/previous employers; • Have errors in the information corrected by previous employers and for those previous employers to re-send the corrected information to the prospective employer: and • Have a rebuttal statement attached to the alleged erroneous information, if the previous employer(s) and I cannot agree on the accuracy of the information." This certifies that I completed this application and that all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a motor earner may require an applicant to provide information in addition to the information required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.