Unhealthiest foods

Of course anything in moderation will not kill you but it is wise to avoid these foods whenever possible.

very high sodium and high saturated fat

high sugar, dissolves tooth enamel, can cause heart disease, and obesity

Artificial Sweeteners
causes hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and weight gain

Shelf-stable Condiments
Packed with preservatives, stabilizers, trans fats, salt, and various chemicals to keep them stable

Processed Meat
most processed meats have sodium nitrite which can cause cancer

Microwave Popcorn
can have extremely high sodium, can cause lung disease and various cancers

very high calorie per bagel. About 350 on average

stick butter
high saturated fat and can increases your risk of cardiovascular disease

hormones and steroids used to produce dairy products are not healthy for human consumption

Anything Deep Fried
fried foods are linked to stroke and an increased risk of many cancers