What our clients are saying:

"TYBODY takes all the stress off of me as a manager"

We love TYBODY at Solace. We use TY for our monthly resident event as well as our weekly work out classes. I have not had a negative complaint from any of our residents at any point in time. TYBODY takes all the stress off of me as a manager and handles everything. The events are fun and versatile and the residents have a blast. We have been using TYBODY for 6 months now and see many more months to come with this company. We are very pleased!!!

Ashley Dietzel
Property Manager - Solace on Peachtree

"We love Tybody!"

We love Tybody! They have done 2 resident events here and they have both been amazing. Ty and his team are professional and great to work with. Each event I have had was customized to what my property needs are with fantastic turn out. The residents were very happy and loved the event. I will continue to use Ty for future events and have referred him to several of my other sister communities. Reasonably priced and will work with your budget!

Kristin Turner
Property Manager - Manor Buckhead

"Always a fun time with TYBODY!"

TYBODY is great! They have amazing prices for resident events. The best part is, you choose the event, and they do everything for you down to the flyers for promoting. Always a fun time with TYBODY!

Chelsea Chowning
Property Manager - 400 Belmont

"I love my Tybody class!!"

I love my Tybody class!! Tybody comes to our apartment complex once a week for a Buti Yoga class. Our instructor is Savannah and she is AMAZING. The classes have been going on for about 8 weeks now and this is the MOST consistent I have ever been in exercising and going to a class. (I mean, what excuse do I have to NOT go. It’s at my apartment complex!) I can already tell a difference in my strength and flexibility and just how I feel about myself. Savannah puts us through some hardcore workouts and I love it! We just got back from vacation and I still did my Buti Yoga workout (what I could remember from class). So happy that they offer this class for us! Thanks Tybody!

Cynthia Rees
Resident - The Brooke

"Great classes and awesome trainers!"

Tybody did classes at our apartment community all summer. Great classes and awesome trainers! Our property and our residents highly recommend them!

Christina Willingham
Community Manager - Avana Lenox

"The Tybody experience, at The Waterford, has been outstanding!"

The Tybody experience at The Waterford on Piedmont, has been outstanding! It’s fun to witness the group workouts generating resident comradery. Tybody represents wellbeing for the community!

Zac Horton
Assistant Community Manager - Waterford

"Great addition to our amenities for the staff & residents"

Tybody is a great addition to our amenities for the staff & residents. The participants express great enthusiasm and show results under the Tybody Fitness program. The trainers are high energy, passionate and keep an upbeat class. They offer versatility and motivate residents for the next session. We have been pleased to add Tybody as an extension of our community!

Ashley Robinson
Leasing Director - Waterford

"So easy to let Tybody plan your resident events and calendar!"

Great fitness classes and resident events by Tybody! We love that it is so easy to let Tybody plan your resident events and calendar and we absolutely love the great communication from Ty.

Dawn Stephens
Property Manager - 131 Ponce

"Fun and effective workout experience for my residents"

Ty and his team do a great job with providing a fun and effective workout experience for my residents. Tybody also assists with a variety of resident events. They are definitely an asset to our team.

Reena Patel
Community Manager - Sorelle

"I chose Tybody to lead my residents to a healthier lifestyle"

Overall a great experience. Very professional team. I am glad I chose Tybody to lead my residents to a healthier lifestyle.

Wally Price
Leasing Manager - Enso

"Tybody is the best in the business!"

My experience with Tybody was excellent! They are truly the best in the business!

Carrie Simmons
Marketing Coordinator - Greystar

"Tybody events are the pinnacle of living in my already great community"

Tybody events are the pinnacle of living in my already great community. The events are very enjoyable and give you a chance to mingle with neighbors and form wonderful friendships. The fitness classes that are offered are a fun way to stay fit and do so with others that have the same goal. Tybody is the best! Cant wait for the next event!

Nicole Smith
Resident - Modera Morningside

"Thank you for hosting a great “Speed Friending” event!"

I wanted to thank you for hosting a great “Speed Friending” event at Modera Morningside. We had a blast getting to know each other. In fact, even though we finished around 9 p.m., all but one of the original group continued to chat until after 11 p.m. and we all traded contact information. I’d call that a great success!

Thanks again and we all look forward to upcoming Tybody events.

Kevin Strauss
Resident - Modera Morningside

"What a fun service to offer our residents!"

The bottom line for us is that our residents like to have fun! We have a very active and fun community here. Our residents truly love the Tybody services! They look forward to classes here and are now more engaged in community activities than ever. Because of the Transformation Challenge Tybody has started with our community, our residents are excited and enthusiastic about getting fit. The best part for us in management is that our residents enjoy their stay here now more than ever!

Brandon Winfrey
Leasing Professional - Sorelle

"We rewarded our residents with an exciting amenity"

This is a great service for our community. We reached out to Tybody because we wanted to reward our residents with an exciting amenity that was both healthy and fun. What we got was exactly that! After experiencing a Tybody class myself I can honestly say that the workouts are challenging but very creative and engaging. Many of the circuits have different variations of exercises so regardless of if you are at a beginner or advanced fitness level, you can still get an excellent workout with Tybody classes!

Nicky Glover
Assistant Manager - Sorelle