2 Months
36 Pound lost

I’ve tried several diet and exercise programs over the last few years, but I’ve never been able to motivate myself and remain consistent so I never saw great results (when I did, they never lasted). I reached out to Ty in hopes that he would keep me on the right track. My first few sessions with Ty were so challenging, but I loved them. Ty is so encouraging and he’s not the kind of guy you want to disappoint.

I expected to lose a few pounds, but I got so much more than that. My endurance and speed have improved dramatically, I have more confidence than ever, and I have more muscle definition than I thought possible with my body! If you are looking for something new and challenging, reach out to Ty! I have recommended him to anyone that will listen. If I weren’t moving states, I’d keep training with Ty because it has been such a great experience

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